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Solution for hotel chains

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LCD displays with self-service system helps people book rooms easily and know more about the hotel. They also apply to many other situation.

1. Hotel 3D map guidance

Application: the hall of the hotel

Recommended products: foot stand,wall mounted,horizontal touch LCD digital signage

Main applicable contents:

 Hotel 3D map guidance service

 Details of each service facilities, such as positions,product demonstrations of the products, the latest developments,discounts and etc.

 Self-service room inquiry of its type,position and price 

2. Custom self-service information inquiry

Applications: the hall, the lift in every floor and customer lounges 

Recommended products: foot stand,wall mounted/horizontal digital signage

Main applicable contents:

 Videos and pictures to show the image of the hotel: introduce its history, service concept and facilities.

 Introductions and features of every functional department: accommodation, food,shopping and entertainment and etc.

 Assist clients who hold meetings to show its process and give advertisements of relative contents

 Cooperate the government to release relative policies and other society hot spot timely

3. Value of the solutions

 Full motion video creates high-end brand image 

Fashionable appearance and colourful , dynamic playback of information build a new vision for hotels, give customs new experience and create high-end brand image so as to enhance the competitiveness of the hotel in the same industry

 3D guidance and intelligent service

    Intelligent 3D guidance and room selected service show the real situation of the hotel, which makes guests feel at home.

 Introductions of service leads consumption

Release service guidance and information of entertainment facilities, such as facilities use instructions, special price, tickets, markets, business information in leisure areas, introductions of the city, short trip, customers’ birthday and etc. Human service can make customs feel at home and stimulate them to consume, which is benefit for increasing customs’ satisfactions and consuming a second time.

 Easily making programs saves running cost

Built-in mass exquisite templates are easy for the hotel managers to make and release the program, which effectively reduce the cost of the traditional paper poster from its design to  post production, manpower and resource. Besides,it cuts down staff’s workload and hotel’s operating costs. 

 Unified and integrated management 

System bases on centralized and unified managements. Real-time information can be sent to every terminal device according to the needs of the hotel in order to promote the timeliness of information and maximum the value of popularization. 

 Make full use of resources, value-added service 

Resource exchanges can be realized between the hotel and the merchants around. Merchants make advertisements and disseminate business news through digital signage in the hotel, which help the hotel realize value-added operation and make full use of its digital resources.


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