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  • Solution for car service

    LCD digital signage can better show cars attractively with high resolution, service information and etc. Read More

  • Solution for company

    The solution is widely used for training and video conferencing such as LCD video wall.The LCD splicing system can magnify images through multi LCD screen splicing in flexible and changeable way. Read More

  • Solution for food industry

    Digital signage are popular in the restaurants at home and abroad. New digital signage displays promotions, knowledge of seasonal food, weather broadcast, domestic and foreign news for customers. Read More

  • Solution for government

    With the gradual development of informationization, the public supervise the work of the government in various ways. In the field of government work, affairs are open, information is unblocked and shared, and public services are set up. Read More

  • Solution for hospital

    Solutions of BOCT hospital digital marketing propagating system can cover the public areas in the hospital, nurse stations, inpatient areas, staircases and elevators and other places. Read More

  • Solution for hotel chains

    LCD displays with self-service system helps people book rooms easily and know more about the hotel. They also apply to many other situation. Read More


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