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Solution for hospital

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Solutions of BOCT hospital digital marketing propagating system can cover the public areas in the hospital, nurse stations, inpatient areas, staircases and elevators and other places. Different information is spread in different areas. Hospitals with these solutions provide a clearer and more orderly medical environment to improve hospital efficiency and calm the anxious patients.


1. Public area

District: service window, entrance of passageway, hall, pharmacy,registration & cashier and etc.

Recommended products: double screen floor stand indoor LCD digital signage(service windows),

foot stand advertising display or interact touch digital signage(entrance/hall),wall mounted digital signage(pharmacy,registration & charge)

Main applicable contents:

 In the service window, the culture of hospital, medical policy, the latest notice and news in the hospital can be shown through dual screen floor stand ultra thin LCD digital signage.

 Foot stand LCD advertising displays or touch digital signage in the entrance or the hall offer map of the hospital and its location information, notice, common sense of healthy care and introductions of medical department on the floor where visitors located, 

 Middle-sized or small-sized wall mounted digital signage installed near every registration window gives information on registration & cashier, expert and turns

 Big/middle-sized wall mounted digital signage can be placed in the charge area to display the standard fee schedule, information related to medical insurance. Meanwhile it can provides some entertaining programs for people who are waiting.

2. Nurse station area

District:nursing station, waiting area

Recommended products: wall mounted advertising display/wall mounted touch digital signage

Main applicable contents:

 The digital signage can display information about nurses on duty, distributions of sickbed and which ones are available

 In the waiting area, relative guidance are on the screen as well as knowledge on precaution and cure of common illness, which help to spread culture of the hospital.

 Nurses in the hospital can be remote trained together with the equipment and learn professional knowledge or else any time and any place.

3. Inpatient area

Recommended products: wall mounted advertising display/wall mounted touch digital signage

Main applicable contents:

 In the inpatient department, big screen lists introductions of hospital bed, the beds available, time for doctors to make their rounds of visits 

 In the corridors and waiting areas, map and navigation, information of entertainment and guidance service are provided through the display 

 In wards, small or middle sized wall mounted LCD digital signage can play programs about rehabilitation treatment, leisure operas or commas, which are helpful for inpatients’ cure and relieve their pressure.

4. Staircases and elevators

Recommended products: wall mounted digital signage

Main applicable contents:

 Digital signage can make full use of waiting time of inpatients and their relatives by intelligently displaying images and products to help patients to known more about the hospital and trust it.

 Massive information for the public good such as weather , possibilities of catching a cold are provided to increase audience ratings and show humanistic care.

Value of solution

 Reasonable modern area distribution help hospital to standardize its flow and management,  promote its brand image and core competence.

 Digital signage offers urgent and real-time information, inserting notice, registration and emergency treatment information, e-map and guidance, which make it quick to see a doctor and increase patients’ satisfaction on service.

 Spread knowledge of disease precaution, nutrition and health-care, advocate a new concept of healthy life for the public good.

 Integrated digital management of displaying equipment and information efficiently cut the cost of propaganda and increase the staff’s working efficiency.

 En-bed advertisements on relative health-care products and service. Gain extra value added income.

 Hospital staff can be remote trained together through the terminal display equipment. They can learn professional knowledge or else always and everywhere.

 Various ways of management, for example, unique distributed management, local and remote control make it easy for the managers to control mass terminals. 


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