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Solution for government

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With the gradual development of informationization, the public supervise the work of the government in various ways. In the field of government work, affairs are open, information is unblocked and shared, and public services are set up.The informationization construction reaches its peak. The Internet big screen splicing display system with centralizing display function improves the government’s managerial ability, help to response and serve people in time. BOCT actively researches and develops products for government use and have provided lots of solutions for it.


1. The government building

Recommended products: wall mounted/horizontal touch LCD digital signage and LCD video wall

Main applicable contents:

The building is where the officers aim to serve the people. It can show the standard of handy service for the public. The united big screen splicing display installed in the middle of the hall, scroll-play the latest notice and show the working style of the government. The wall mounted digital signage or the foot stand one installed near the wall can be used to diffuse the knowledge of fire and public safety. Nearby a touch LCD digital signage can be installed for the citizen to readily learn about the latest policies and etc.

2. The public places

Recommended products: wall mounted LCD digital signage and LCD video wall

Main applicable contents:

LCD video wall are popular in government apartments for it can quickly display images with high definition. Government’s releasing working information to the public timely and accepting the public’s instructions become important parts in its affairs openness. The big splicing screen, and on-site audio equipment connected to the network can meet intelligent needs of modern conference room, such as holding meetings ,watching or listening to advanced conference and etc. BOCT LCD video wall can offer convenience for working and stunning visual effects.

3.  Video conference

Recommended products:  LCD video wall and wall mounted LCD digital signage

Main applicable contents: 

LCD splicing screens can be used to show information for training and video conferencing to make boring their contents clearer and better acceptable by well-written, beautifully illustrated texts and displaying in full screen or accurately split screens.

Value of the solutions

1. Government’s digital media meets its needs of the high efficiency of information releasing. It actively advocate a "low-carbon economy" to save energy and reduce emissions.

2. Solutions for the government are in line with the diversity of functional areas of government’s modern construction. Information can be distributed and displayed as required.Solutions can help make more adequate and rational use of the governmental information resource and improve the government’s working efficiency and reduce its manageable cost.

3. Ensure people can get governmental information and make it convenient to handle affairs.

4. Enhance the transparency and social trust of the government's work, and organically combine the government's policy propaganda with people’s daily life.


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