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Solution for food industry

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Digital signage are popular in the restaurants at home and abroad. New digital signage displays promotions, knowledge of seasonal food, weather broadcast, domestic and foreign news for customers. Customers get new information when enjoying the delicacy. The appearance of digital signage modernize and standardize the restaurants.

1. Application: Entrance of the restaurant

Recommended products: wall mounted LCD digital signage and touch LCD digital signage

Main applicable contents:

Images of seasonal delicacy,mainly recommended dish,other gourmet food and activities are played to create a unique and pleasant atmosphere for the restaurant. Videos of dishes can arouse custom’s appetite. After being stimulated, customs are likely to order more dishes. In that way, consumption are promoted.

2. Application: Counter

Recommended products: Touch LCD digital signage and wall mounted LCD video wall

Main applicable contents: The display of dishes

Touch digital signage can assist staff to take orders and check out. Integrated order system saves time, increases working efficiency and is in accordance with modern fast paced lifestyle compared to traditional way of waiters writing down orders.

LCD digital signage displays 3D vision of delicacies,dynamic recipe colorfully with high fidelity, which capture the consumer's eyes and stimulate their appetite.

3. Application: dinning hall

Recommended products: wall mounted digital signage

Main applicable contents: 

BOCT digital signage plays programs made according to target customers and features of restaurants with pleasant, political and casual images. Customer enjoy their delicacies while getting different knowledge. In the meanwhile, it also gives warm reminders and advertisement of shops.


Terminals customize the play list, design the screen area and play through network. The signage

with timing power on/off can update its programs automatically when viewers aren't supposed to be watching. Remote control, simple operation, stunning food images, interactive orderings and humanized design help consumers to order dishes on their own without any interruption.

Value of solutions

 Digital signage combines traditional food culture with modern digital media to create a new catering industry with high efficiency, convenience and high-quality service. 

 Replace the complex dish ordering mode by waitress, promote ordering efficiency and accuracy.

 Play pleasant, political,entertaining programs. Customs enjoy delicacies when learning something interesting, healthy and etc. 

 Remote control, convenient operation and impressive advertisements


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