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Solution for company

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The solution is widely used for training and video conferencing such as LCD video wall.The LCD splicing system can magnify images through multi LCD screen splicing in flexible and changeable way. It makes a distinction between the important and the lesser one to fully display all the important information which widely spread and develop the business. Besides, Important information are displayed by well-written, beautifully illustrated texts and images. After splicing the LCD screens, different images can be shown on the same video wall. that is, images can be displayed in full screen as well as in every single module through splicing software.  

Displaying and propagandizing their business are essential parts in the apartments of government, administrative organs ,public institutions and companies. Narrow-bezel, Ultra narrow-bezel and seamless splicing LCD display system can make it easy.


1. Conference room

Recommended products: splicing LCD Wall Monitor for Advertising, wall mounted LCD Digital Signage Media Player 

Main applicable contents:

LCD splicing screens can be used to show information for training and video conferencing to make their boring contents clearer and better acceptable by well-written, beautifully illustrated texts and images displayed in full screen or accurately split screens.


2. Entrance and the passageway  

Recommended products: LCD Advertising Digital Signage, building advertising display and   touch screen digital signage 

Main applicable contents: In the elevators or corridors, the digital signage can play short entertaining videos when staff have a break. The clear, vivid and amusing images can effectively relieve people's strain from work and provide a ease, convenient and high effective working environment.

3. Show room

Recommended products: LCD video wall, wall mounted LCD display

Main applicable contents:

In the show room, the displays or huge splicing video wall with high definition repeat all kinds of real- time information to make sure a better advertising effect on the business that the company is going to be engaged in.

4. Reception and lounge

Main applicable contents:

Wall mounted or foot stand digital signage can be chosen to list daily code of conduct in the reception. In this way, when staff enter the company, they know what they should or shouldn’t do. In the lounge room, entertaining programs and specialized knowledge can be offered.

Value of solutions

Interactive digital signage in the elevator and the lounge provides plenty of entertainments for staff in their spare time. It plays colourful programs or movies to regulate staff’s emotions and motivate them. Besides, it can release urgent notice, save time and cost. In addition,it can realize remote training by playing PPT for training, which can save space and time to gather. Moreover, the digital signage can display vivid greeting videos and pictures to welcome customers and superiors through release system.


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