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Solution for car service

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LCD digital signage can better show cars attractively with high resolution, service information and etc. 

Car show room

   District: glass curtain wall, reception area in the entrance , booth

   Recommended products: super slim hanging LCD digital signage(glass curtain wall), foot stand digital signage or super slim wall mounted digital signage (reception area), interact  touch digital signage (booth area)

   Main applicable contents:

    1.The digital signage displays noticeable advertisements on the windows, such as posters or videos of new cars, people’s test drive experience and etc.

    2.In the entrance, it recommends hot products by playing official videos and repeatedly display discounted cars, automotive interior, standard of charging and service, weather,            time,  greetings and etc.

    3.In the booth it shows 3D car structures, engine performance and specification, automotive interior, models and colors and other information that real cars can’t show.  

    4.It offers massive ways to buy car. Customers can look up information they need and buy cars according to their own conditions.

Customer Negotiation area

   Recommended products: touch advertising display(foot stand,wall mounted and horizontal)

   Main applicable contents:

   1.It loops introduction information, such as car buying discount, fee standard, service, videos of new car release.

   2.It presents 3D car models selected interface when customers touch the screen. After customers click the car they like on the screen, the signage shows its structure,features and advantages.

   3.Display videos of rally racing, collision test , internal assembly of different models of cars on split-screen

Maintenance area

    Recommended products: horizontal hanging LCD digital signage(vehicle delivery area),counter multimedia terminals (reception counter), wall mounted digital signage (walls              behind reception counter)

    Main applicable contents:

     1.In the vehicle delivery area, information of maintenance appointments, parking, mending and cars waiting to be delivered are shown on the screen.

     2.On counter multimedia terminals, dynamically displaying of many service products attracts customers’ attention.

     3.The wall mounted digital signage behind counters, lists charging standard of different service types and real-time status of maintenance, for example, estimated time of             repairing and taking cars.

Maintenance waiting area

    Recommended products: wall mounted/foot stand digital signage, LCD video wall

    Main applicable contents:

     1.The latest service package, information of discount, entertaining videos

     2.Interactive inquiry and videos of products maintenance

     3.Watch real-time videos to check the scene situation and process of maintenance

Value of solutions

 1.Enhance the brand image and create a modern car marketing service environment for 4S shop through intelligent interactive digital signage instead of putting traditional paper medias like banners, logos and pull-up standees everywhere.

 2.The digital signage display highly recommended products and information on seasonal promotion through different media formats so as to attract customers’ attention, impress them and stimulate them to consume.

 3.Customers can leisurely experience the cars they like with self-helping service. They learn more about products and their desires to buy cars are strengthened with the help of our solution. At the same time, the displays on the spot can assist salespersons to introduce cars more clearly and impressively, which can help improve sales efficiently.

 4.All-direction digital service ease customer's pressure when waiting and provide a relaxed environment for customers to deliver their cars through updating the latest information of appointment, maintenance and time to take car. Besides, it helps customers know more about maintenance products by continually showing the advantages of service products during the time they are waiting.

 5.Built-in advertising marketing mode efficiently propagandize service products. Intelligent, real- time interactive inquiry service increases consumer’s satisfaction.

 6.It can manage all information disseminated by terminals through back-end platform software, replace programs easily and cut the advertising costs.

 7.Make full use of existing equipment to realize videoconferencing, convey information to headquarter and enhance the communication between headquarter and each shop.


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