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News and Events

  • LCD Video Wall, the mainstream of big display

    As the rapid development of social network and technology, the deliver solution of message also has many different features. Coming with the big display time, LCD video wall attracts more and more industry clients by the big size, super high definition, and diversity. Specially in the late years’ b

  • Benefits of Digital Signage in the Retail Environment

    • Ensures a common branding and customer experience across all locations• Ability to cross-market products and services• Additional sales tool to increase margins and attachment rates of tertiary products• Ability to create stronger brand equity between customers and brand• Ability to incorporate li

  • LCD Splicing Economy

    Economic considerations of the system, should be considered cost-effective only in high-performance, high-quality premise, the economy makes sense system. Currently available plasma (PDP) of the splicing wall, but its price is higher, the general price of one square meter up to hundreds of thousands

  • BOCT digital signage used in five-star hotel

    As the economic globalization, more frequent communication, and the hot development of tourism, hotel business is also facing more serious competition and rising expect from clients while the market needs coming more. Specially these star-level hotels taking commercial elites, government official, c

  • 2019 BOCT New Year Party

    At 17th, Jan, 2019 BOCT New Year Party was celebrated in Shenzhen Changfeng Hotel. Mr. Rao Xudong, the CEO of BOCT group, made a summarize for what we achieved in 2018 and a long plan for the next 3 years of development in this important time. At the same, BOCT invited the main suppliers and coope


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