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LCD Video Wall, the mainstream of big display

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As the rapid development of social network and technology, the deliver solution of message also has many different features. Coming with the big display time, LCD video wall attracts more and more industry clients by the big size, super high definition, and diversity. Specially in the late years’  business display markets, LCD video wall wins a far-ranging of attention by its superexcellent visual effects. As a leading cooperator in this industry, Boct’s LCD video wall has been widely used in different area. 

1. Different conferences

LCD video wall system can make a working report through cable transfer and media equipment, deliver different files like sound, video or documents, to realize a real-time interact communication. It provides the possibility to active people’s eyes and ears, relying on the high quality video conference, to save the time and cost when different departments in separate places solve problems. At the same time, LCD wall brings the feeling of the tradition face to face to each members. 

2. Shopping mall 

Today many mall’s promotion are different, BOCT LCD video wall provides a perfect show of promoted products more lively for its super big size and high resolution, as well as the wide viewing angle can help to attract customer’s eyes from all directions and they can find more easily the promoted products’ price today and other useful information. In one word, LCD video wall make it easy to find the aimed product and promote the purchase, also improves the experience and takes more profit for malls. 

3. Education 

Along with the rapid development of computer network and related display equipments, many high schools, middle and primary schools make a new transform while following the policy of driving education modernization based on information visualized by government. As the best equipment of big display, BOCT’s lcd video wall has been widely used in school conference room, lecture hall, terrace classroom, media classroom, campus culture wall and exam system etc. In lecture hall, LCD wall can improve the enjoyment of academic communication interactively; in the terrace classroom or others with many students, it  can take better care of each one and combine with touch system that realize by finger to touch the big display or write by hand to provide teaching easily during the class, depending on the super big size, HD display and wide viewing angle. Our LCD system can publish the examination report card through signal transmission, to give a better show of academic culture and course arrangement. 

4. Security and protection 

With the developing stream of smart city and safe city, security and protection have also changed more smartly. BOCT lcd video wall integrated the command and dispatch, video conference, video monitor, data interaction with security linkage, which makes a connection to many kinds of operation system, by that customer can check all places’ real-time picture only in the monitoring room and make a visual multi-level command and dispatch in different places, provides the abundant voice, video or data interaction on two-way and real time. So it is helpful for rapid decision, real time dispatch, and emergency disposal. 

5. Hotel 

Under the tourism and business, the whole china hotel has a quick growth in the late years. The application of lcd video wall, is more actively promoting the hotel using and the brand’s level. Also it can help to manifest the hotel’s fashion feel and noble sense. The using of video wall in VIP room makes it to be a cinema, with the wide view and high brightness, it can bring better enjoyment to the clients. 

Moreover, in many detailed areas like the government, stadium, transport, energy, financial, broadcasting and TV, entertainment, medical treatment, BOCT LCD video wall has been widely promoted to be the main products of big display markets by the advanced technology, colorful display effect, abundant size choices and long life with low power consumption. 


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