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BOCT digital signage used in five-star hotel

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As the economic globalization, more frequent communication, and the hot development of tourism, hotel business is also facing more serious competition and rising expect from clients while the market needs coming more. Specially these star-level hotels taking commercial elites, government official, company top manager, and other high level commercial people as main part, expect for the rigorous requirement of service, environment, style and other hardware equipments, the market also has refined pursue to public information service, brand value transmission, and details magnifying. 

   To improve the public information quality and brand image, enhance our own core competition, and create more modernized and smart star-level hotel, lately Shenzhen Crown holiday hotel as the commercial center of Shenzhen centre, introduced a batch of BOCT 42inch lcd floor standing digital signage with super slim appearance integrated with elegant hotel environment. These signage are placed at the hotel elevator, lobby, doors of dinning room, conference, waiting room, and areas of dense people, used for hotel culture broadcasting, hotel introduction, notification, special foods, layout, room suggestion, local travel, conference information, publicity spots, VIP clients welcome, world clock, and other concerned real time information. 

As the global leading digital media information expert, BOCT LCD digital signage is more professional, networked, smart and integrated. The powerful easy system and abundant materials can help clients to set up internet digital information publish and video play channels easier, that makes the service more efficient.

When installing the products, our technical staff made a full and detailed explanation to digital signage’s specification, information publish and the setting of all information block, finally the humanized design, easy solution, HD display and careful service won the high praise of hotel administrative peoples. 


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